Our Team

At Studio 130, each member of our team is a specialist in his or her field and contributes their area of expertise to create individual and collaborative pieces.


Morgan Penza

Morgan Penza is a recent Masters graduate from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA. She received her MAT in Art Education and BFA in Sculpture with a Minor in Art Therapy. She has a passion for teaching and creating with the hope that her audience walks away with a new understanding of the world around them. She hopes her installations will help turn the wheels of the dormant and lingering mind to expand a new curiosity.


Rene Ortiz

Rene “June” Ortiz is a local emerging mixed-media artist from Atlantic City. Founder and Creative Director of the art collective, BLOCKHEAD CUSTOMS, he is known for his self taught technique and approach to creating.


Steven Hicks

Steven Hicks (Stephen Knight) is a local emerging Atlantic County artist who currently resides in Pleasantville NJ. He specializes in graphic illustration, painting, and poetry. He is versed in many forms of mixed media, and uses his self taught techniques to create unique pieces. Mr. Knight has returned from his galactic journey bearing gifts for the world.


John morris

John Morris is a local emerging mixed-media artist from Atlantic County. Known for his expressive style and unique approach, he uses a range of mediums to create and reveal what's truly under the surface.